March Announcements

March 2-6- Dr. Seuss dress up week

March -5- Open House 6:00-7:00

March 6 & 20- ALL school half days

March 15-April 3- No LS class


March 18,19,20-  Conference half days.  All PM students attend in the morning


February Announcements

February 6th- 100th Day of school!  Bring your zip log bag full of 100 things!

February 7th- Olympics- All families welcome !

February 12th- Valentine’s Day centers and party- bring 24 valentines to pass out

February 13th-18th- No School

February 21- Ice skating field trip- 12:15 pick up time

February 28nd- Jog-4-Tech




January Announcements

January 9th- Our class is in charge of the snack sale!  This helps us raise money for special things for our classroom.  We need each family to donate 22 individually wrapped snacks for us to sell.  Please send this in no later than January 8.

January 17- Father-Daughter Dance

January 20- No school

January 24th- January birthday celebration

January 31- Kindergarten Performance- This will be held at our Junior Academy in the evening.


December Announcements

December 3- Giving Tuesday

December 2-5 : Conference Days-  This is a very important time for us to meet WITH your child about how they are progressing in school.  You received a bright pink paper telling you the date and time for your conference.  It is VERY important you are on time and you bring your child with you.  We cannot do the conference without your child preent.

December 3, 4, 5, 6th- These are half days and ALL kindergarten must com in the morning. School will be from 8:00-11:30.  Each of these days, you will drive through to pick up your child.

December 6- No Daycare available

December 12- We will be having our first field trip to see the Nutcracker ballet.  All students must dress up for this special occasion.  All students must be at school at 9:00am but you may drop off your child at 8:00 if you need to work or go to school.  We will get back from the field trip in the early afternoon.  You will need to pick up your child at 1:00pm.  These hours are not our routine, so please plan accordingly.

December 13- Our school will have a Christmas store for your child to purchase presents for family members.  Each item is $2.  You can send cash and a list of people your child can purchase gifts for.  I am not sure yet which day we will be assigned for the store, Dec 10 or 11.  I will let you know when I find out.  You do not have to participate in this store.

December 19- Please bring a new or gently used book wrapped in wrapping paper for our class book exchange.  Please label if the book should be for a boy, girl or either.

December 16- We have adopted an LFCS Christmas family!  Please send in wrapped gifts for our family!

December 23- January 7: No School

November Announcements

Nov. 8- Veteran’s Day celebration

Nov. 11- No School

Nov. 14- School Book Fair at Barnes & Noble in Santee 4:30-8:00pm

Nov. 15- All School Half Day and NO DAYCARE due to training

Nov. 21- Parent Connection 8:30am

Nov. 18-22- Sign up to bring a Thanksgiving dish to share for our feast!

Nov. 26- Special All kinder Half Day- All Students attend 8:00-11:20

Nov. 26- Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast- Wear white shirt/khaki uniform bottoms (Our class will be Native Amaricans and Mrs. Johansen’s class will be Pilgrims.)

Nov. 27-29- No School


October Announcements

October 4 and 18- All School Half Days

October 5- All School Skate Night

October 21-25- Students bring a SMALL pumpkin that they can carry with their name on it

October 25- Pumpkin Patch AT SCHOOL- Students may dress up like a farmer!

October 28-November 1- No School


September Announcements

September 2- No School

September 3- Picture Day

September 5- Back to School Night 6:00-6:30 or 6:30-7:00 – No Children please

Remember all kindergarten students attend school in the morning EVERY Friday.

9/6 & 9/20- are all school half days and ALL students are released at 11:30 and pick up will be drive thru in the parking lot.

9/13 & 9/27- are all school full days and kinder students are released at 11:20 in the kindergarten pick up area by the gate

9/6-9/27- Your students will come home with Entertainment Books to sell.  These books fund all of our buses for our fieldtrips throughout the year.

Welcome To Kindergarten- Things To Know

A few important things:

  • For AM kinders, school begins promptly at 8:00 am and pick up is at 11:20 am. If your child will be staying for lunch, please pick them up no later than 11:40 am. Pick up is on the playground near the lunch hanger next to the chain link fence.
  • Students may be dropped off at school no earlier than 7:30 am.
  • For PM kinders, school begins at 11:55 am and pick up is at 3:15 pm.Students report to the kindergarten lunch area if they are eating lunch at school.  This area is on the playground near the lunch hangar by the chain link fence.  They may come early at 11:35 for lunch.  If they are eating lunch at home, please bring them to school at 11:55am and meet us at our line up area on the playground near the ramp. (Your children will know where this is after their first day).  Pick up will be drive through in the parking lot.
  • School Lunches: School hot lunch may be purchased through the office.
  • Parent Volunteers: School cannot run smoothly without you!! I will have a sign-up sheet attached to this packet and at Back to School Night (September 5).  After Back to School Night, I will assign parents to specific responsibilities based on your requests.
  • Folders:  Each child will have a folder for their daily assignments.  PLEASE PURCHASE A 2 POCKET FOLDER FOR YOUR CHILD.  Each Monday I will send them home.  It is extremely important that you look for the folder every Monday and read the contents.  In the folder you will find, a weekly newsletter from me, a biweekly school newsletter, homework and any other special fliers we will need to send home. On Fridays I will collect the folders. Please have your child use a backpack to carry the folder and daily snack for recess. Remembering their backpack each day is good practice and often notes come from the office during the middle of the week to be sent home.  Homework will begin next week.
  • Home Reading: It is critical that you read with your child EVERY evening.Research shows that students who read each day will be in the top of their class.  Make it a family trip to go to the public library each week and check out books for you to read to your child.  There will be a reading log in your child’s folder when folder work begins this week.
  • Sharing: Three times a year your child will bring home the “share bag.” When the bag comes home, there will be instructions in the bag of what to bring to share.  Please return the bag the next day.
  • Classroom Rewards: Positive reinforcement is extremely important and a priority in my class. Students can earn “smellies” each day for effort and making good choices.  We will also have whole class rewards for various accomplishments.
  • Uniforms and attendance: Please send your child to school each day in uniform.Details for uniform dress code can be found in the student handbook, which you can find in the office.  Your child MUST have a red logo shirt for all field trips.  All jackets/hoodies must be plain navy blue OR have the LFCS logo.  Attendance and punctuality is extremely important.
  • Please write your child’s name on jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes etc.
  • Vacations: If you are planning a vacation and will be missing school, please let the office and me know ahead of time so that I can create an independent study contract and your child will receive credit for the missed days.
  • Birthdays:According to our LFCS policy, we will celebrate birthdays once a month.  Each month, a parent volunteer will contact parents of the birthday students to bring in a special treat to celebrate.  (We will celebrate summer birthdays as well).
  • Snacks: Children may bring a snack for recess time each day. Please send nutritious and easy to open snacks.  Every Thursday, each class takes a turn to host a snack sale. Your child may purchase a snack for a quarter.  When it is our turn to host snack sale, you will be notified and requested to send in snacks for our class to sell.  The money we make at snack sale will buy special things for our classroom.  Snack sale will begin the third week of school.
  • Pick-up: If someone different than you will be picking up your child on any day, please email me to let me know.  All authorized people to pick up your child should be on your emergency card.
  • Sign Language: As we learn the alphabet your child will also learn each letter in American Sign Language. They will also learn other communication skills in Sign as well.
  • Half days: Twice a month LFCS has a half day Friday.This will happen every FIRST and THIRD Friday of each month.  Please refer to the school master calendar to mark your own calendar.  HALF DAY FRIDAYS ARE FROM 8:00-11:30.  On these days both AM AND PM kindergarteners will come IN THE MORNING from 8:00-11:30.  Lunch is not served on half days.  If your child received school lunch every day, they will be provided a sack lunch. There will be additional half days where AM and PM kids are all together throughout the year.  These dates will be provided in advance.
  • Learning Style Survey: Please fill out and return the attached Learning Style Survey.  Knowing this information is important for me!
  • Library Day: Every Friday your child will have an opportunity to go to the school library and check out a book. Your child will have a plastic bag to keep the library book safe.  Please return this book IN THE BAG EVERY THURSDAY. They will be able to check out a new book each Friday provided they return their book AND their bag.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for.