The 2016-17 Executive Board of the PTLC



Cynthia Moseley (2nd Year on Board)
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I am excited to be starting off my second year as PTLC President! I have two children; my daughter is in 9th grade and my son is starting 7th. When I’m not shuffling my kiddos around, I work from home as a paralegal, specializing in family law. I have volunteered in many different capacities at LFCS over the past 9 years, oftentimes being room mom for my kids’ classes simultaneously. I also assist our seventh grade science teacher with our 6-8 grade Robotics program, and my husband volunteers as an assistant coach. I love being part of the LFCS team and look forward to another awesome year.



Michelle Huey (4th year on Board)
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This is my fourth year serving as Treasurer for the PTLC. I’m so awed and impressed to see how every year parents, grandparents and the whole LFCS family step up to make events happen with such creativity and success. People who not only ask for an event, but also say they will lead it, and they do it with such passion (i.e. Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Event). I applaud you!We have a fifth grade daughter at JA this year. She has been attending LFCS since kindergarten, and we love our school- the teachers, the families and the administration. I have volunteered in our daughter’s classroom multiple days a week every year, volunteered in the Everyone’s a Reader Program at the PA for three years, lead the donation gathering for the 4th Grade Auction/Art Show last year, as well as assisting at many of our events. It’s had been a pleasure and a blessing serving on the Board and being involved at LFCS.



Heidi DeClue (2nd Year on the Board)
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I am so excited to be a part of the PTLC. This is my second year to serve on the Board. My husband and I have one son, Noah, who is entering 4th grade at the Liberty Campus. I LOVE being part of the LFCS Family


Community Partnerships

Fadia Doss (2nd Year on the Board) & Katie Weaver (2nd year on the board)
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Fadia: Mom to our wonderful children Olivia(5th) and Timothy(3rd). I lead the LA School Garden for K-6 and have been a room parent 7 times, enjoying it every time! This is my 4th year working for our Charter School in the role of Office/Health Records. We are always learning how our school can benefit from the support and expertise of local community partners and reallocate our spending in innovative ways.
Katie: I have a daughter who will be in 2nd grade this year at the Primary Academy and 2 kids at home that will be attending Literacy First in a few years.  I was the team leader for the Father Daughter Dance last year and helped out with mileage club, snack sales, and many other PTLC events.  I joined the PTLC in order to become more involved in the education and  school actives of my children.


Hospitality Chairperson

Jennifer Peterson (2nd Year on Board) & Christine Boyce (1st Year on the Board)
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Jennifer: So… I have to tell you that I am a HUGE fan of our school. I love the people, the process, the environment and the friends we have made here. It’s such a joy to be involved in something I love so much.I totally believe we all have things to bring to the table to enhance our kids’ learning experience and support our school. I’m hoping this year on PTLC I can be a small part of helping others develop the passion and desire to jump in and get involved.I have three kids – a 4th grader, 2nd grader and a four year old who is dying to start school (one more year, little). I’ve been a room mom for the past four years and have helped plan our Staff Appreciation Luncheon for the past three years. Can’t wait to meet ‘ya and serve our great school with you!Wanna join the Hospitality Team? Email me for how to get involved!
Christine: This is my first year on board and I could not be more excited. I have a daughter who is in first grade at Primary Academy and another daughter who can not wait to be a bulldog in a couple years. Last year I was team leader for Winter Fest and enjoyed volunteering in the classroom and library. This year I am hoping to help others find ways to use their time and talents to continue all the amazing experiences ptlc provides for our children.  Please contact me I would love to get to know you better and help you get involved.


Communications Chairperson

Carlee Zank (3rd Year on the Board)
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Hey! My name is Carlee and this is the third year I have been on the PTLC board. My husband and I have put in a ton of volunteer hours at LFCS and I have been a Room Mom several times. I love being with my kids in their school environment (as well as outside) and I find it to be a privilege to help where I can. My oldest kiddo is going in to 5th grade this year at JA and my youngest in to 1st at PA. Time is really flying by! Looking forward to another year as our Communications Chair. Check your emails!


Advocacy Chairperson

Tiffany Larson (3rd year on board)
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I have 2 boys attending LFCS (1st Grade @ the PA, 4th Grade @ the JA). This is my 3rd term on the PTLC board as the Advocacy Chair. I believe it’s important for us to stay up to date on legislation that could help or hinder our wonderful school. I love being really involved in my children’s school. I helped kick off our first Mother/Son event back in 2014/15 school year and made it happen again for the 2015/16 school year. I believe it is so important to be active and support our school in whatever ways you can.


JA Liason

Jessica Hastings (4th Year on the Board)
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I have two children, Caralin (JA 4th grade) and Madalin (PA 1st grade). This is our 5th year with LFCS and my 4th year on the PTLC board. I work in full-time ministry as the Children’s Director at Grace Church San Diego. I love working with kids and being involved in my children’s education. I have made many wonderful friends being involved with the PTLC and helping with events on campus. I pursued joining the PTLC board because I wanted to be more involved in making our children’s school experience the best it can be!


LA Liason

Alicia Felio (2nd Year on the Board)
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I am a stay at home mom to two boys, Braden (5th) and Austin (3rd) at Liberty Academy. This is my second year as the PTLC Liaison for Liberty. I have been a Room Parent multiple times and volunteer in my son’s classrooms and with the Everyone A Reader program. I am excited about this upcoming school year and all the amazing opportunities for our kids at LFCS.


PA Liason

Misty McHenry (2nd Year on the Board)
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This is my second year on the PTLC board and I cannot be more excited to stay involved with our wonderful school. I have one daughter at the PA and one daughter that is starting at the JA this year. I’m still not sure how that happened so quickly! I currently work part time at our family’s auto shop which has allowed me to volunteer in the classroom, at events, and of course, hold the wonderful position of Room Mom.


Uniform Exchange Coordinator

Jen Burr (3rd Year on the Board)
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I have two boys, one who is entering 4th grade at the JA, and one who is starting Kindergarten at the PA (he’s so excited!).  I work part time at our church, and am thankful for the opportunities that I have to help those around me.  This is my third year coordinating the uniform exchanges, and my third year on the board.  I love seeing families come to the exchanges and go away having saved money and still found uniform clothes for their kids.  I volunteer in my son’s classes, and plan to continue doing that for as long as I can.  I am thankful to be able to do my part to help make LFCS a wonderful place for our students and families.