Reimbursement Request

Reimbursement Statement

Thank you for helping out with one of our many events! Below you will find a Reimbursement Request Form – you may use this form to get reimbursed for any approved purchases you made for your event. Don’t forget to attach all receipts to the form. The form can be turned into your campus – if you are at LA or JA, please have the office staff trunk mail your form to the PA – ATTN: Michelle Huey – PTLC. My goal is to reimburse you by the next day. Please send me an email┬áto let me know to expect the request so I can process it quickly. If you are in need of a cash advance for your event, print the PTLC Cash Advance form, complete it and send me an email so we can make arrangements. Again, thank you for your help in making your event a success!

Reimbursement Request Form

Cash Advance Request Form